Beyond semiconductor into new business on bio industries.

We have been working in semiconductor and display industries as expert and have developed precision technology for the past 20 years.Based on the technology and knowledge which we have developed, We are challenging new fields.

KRAShoT TM : Production of biodegradable microspheres

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Technology convergence of therapeutic materials, therapy methods, Agencies.

Development of drug and medical device is focused on materials. However, the processing technology of mass-production have specialized area that requires the precision mechanics, structural design and processing skills for new internal body treatment.

KRAShoTTM will accelerate those technologies in the bio industry.

Initial Success

Since 2019, We have made microsphere of biodegradable materials under 150μm applying a variety of technologies.

On Project

+ Antibody Releasing Microsphere

+ Radiation reaction Microsphere

+ Pancreatic cancer Microsphere

+ Liver cancer Microsphere

+ Dermal HA filter

Cartridge type manifold

+ Channel : 1 ~ 512 channel , Customizing

+ Path diameter : 10 ~ 200 micrometer

+ Technology : Precision machining, Laser patterning

+ Assembly with polymer bolt

+ Material : PMMA, ULTEM, TOLON

+ Feature : Round shape

KRACHIP TM : specialized machining service for micro-fluidics biochips

2020_Brochure for KRACHIP.pdf

Centrifugal Disk

+ Channel : Customizing

+ Path diameter : 300 micrometer

+ Technology : Precision machining, Laser welding

+ Assembly type : Tape attachment, Laser welding

+ Material : PMMA, ULTEM

+ Feature : High Illuminance

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